Governance training and coaching

The individuals who support boards of directors go by job titles that will vary based on the organization and the degrees of responsibility and authority associated with a given role.  Whether the person dedicated to board operations in your organization is identified as an Executive Assistant, a Corporate Secretary, a Chief Governance Officer or some variation on one of these titles, the governance professional’s role is relevant to board effectiveness.

Shelagh offers a range of options to support the professional development you’re seeking, including customized training and coaching.

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Why you should work with Shelagh

Who better to train or coach a governance professional than someone who’s done the work herself and also has benefit of formal training in adult education?

Shelagh is recognized for her governance expertise, which reflects more than a decade supporting a board of directors. She has earned the College Centre of Board Excellence’s Good Governance certificate and its Advanced Good Governance certificate, which reflects risk management education. Long invested in ongoing learning, Shelagh is a member of (and has presented for) Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC). She is the past board chair of CICan:GPOP, a national professional association.

Shelagh writes weekly articles on the world of governance for Diligent Insights. Her articles have addressed directors’ fiduciary duties, board recruitment and succession planning, board communications and cybersecurity, social media policies, governance in the cannabis sector, reputation management, stock market regulations and more. She is in demand as a presenter at governance-focused conferences.

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You’ve recruited someone new to support your board

… and this person has tremendous skills, but little or no exposure to the world of governance. Shelagh can help bring your newcomer up to speed and position her or him for success. That begins by making time to understand your board’s culture, practices and needs, and the organization itself.

With access to whatever scope of governance documents you choose to make available, and interviews with your board chair and CEO, Shelagh will tailor her coaching or training to meet the needs of the individual, your board and organization.

Coaching for those already in the career

Whether initiated by an individual, or on an employer’s recommendation, Shelagh can provide meaningful coaching to help support success in the career. Whether you’re seeking resolution to a single need, a short-term boost or ongoing coaching, let Shelagh know.

You aspire to work with a board of directors

Perhaps you’re an executive assistant who’s not yet worked with a board of directors, but you’re planning to apply (or already have applied) for such a role. If you’d like  coaching on professional development you might undertake, or insights on  governance and the nature of the career, contact Shelagh.

Onsite and remote training and coaching available

When you contact Shelagh, there’s a field for you to let her know if you’d like onsite or remote services.

You’re planning an event for governance professionals

Shelagh delivers quality training to help those who support boards of directors become even more proficient and successful. 

Shall we talk?

To discuss your plans and needs, drop an email to Shelagh at or click here to send an online request.


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