Shelagh delivers training on governance and working with C-level leaders

If your career has anything to do with supporting a board of directors, or you work alongside senior leaders who prepare materials for board review,  you’ve come to the right place.

Shelagh has written extensively about governance, compliance and leadership. She understands what it takes to be an effective contributor to the C-Suite. Whether you’ve hired someone new to support your board, you are the person supporting a board,  or you’re planning an event for governance professionals and other individuals working alongside C-level leaders, Shelagh can deliver.

Looking for governance coaching or training?

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Links to Shelagh’s governance articles

Click on any of the article links below. These represent just a sampling of the broad range of Shelagh’s governance articles, published by Diligent Corporation.

Board Composition, Duties

  1. Directors’ fiduciary duties
  2. Board recruitment best practices
  3. How to recruit the right board members
  4. Improving diversity in the boardroom
  5. Interlocking directorates and board recruitment

Governance Best Practices

  1. Top five corporate governance best practices
  2. Establishing a social media policy

Corporate Culture

  1. Corporate culture – monitoring and measuring progress

Reputation Management

  1. Corporate reputation management
  2. Best practices for reputation management

CEO Succession Planning

  1. CEO succession planning

Shareholders and Stakeholders

  1. Shareholder and Stakeholder Impact on Long-Term Strategy
  2. Stakeholder interests: are they being met?
  3. How Institutional Shareholders Impact Board Strategy

Stock Market Regulations

  1. Stock market regulations and the board

Corporate Data

  1. The value of corporate data
  2.  How boards should oversee the protection of corporate data

Cannabis Sector

  1. How Canadian cannabis firms should approach corporate governance
  2.  Financial market regulations for Canadian cannabis companies
  3. How Canadian Cannabis firms should handle inancial statements

Canadian Boards

  1. How Canadian boards should be planning for 2020
  2. The changes in corporate governance in Canada
  3. Issues for Canadian boards in 2019

US Boards 

  1. What the Securities Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) cybersecurity sweep means for boards
You’ve recruited someone new to support your board

… and this person has tremendous skills, but little or no exposure to the world of governance. Shelagh can help bring your newcomer up to speed and position her or him for success. That begins by making time to understand your board’s culture, practices and needs, and the organization itself.

With access to whatever scope of governance documents you choose to make available, and interviews with your board chair and CEO, Shelagh will tailor her coaching or training to meet the needs of the individual, your board and organization.

Coaching for those already in the career

Whether initiated by an individual, or on an employer’s recommendation, Shelagh can provide meaningful coaching to help support success in the career. Whether you’re seeking resolution to a single need, a short-term boost or ongoing coaching, let Shelagh know.

You aspire to work with a board of directors

Perhaps you’re an executive assistant who’s not yet worked with a board of directors, but you’re planning to apply (or already have applied) for such a role. If you’d like  coaching on professional development you might undertake, or insights on  governance and the nature of the career, contact Shelagh.

Onsite and remote training  available

When you contact Shelagh, there’s a field for you to let her know if you’d like onsite or remote services.

Shall we talk?

To discuss your plans and needs, drop an email to Shelagh at or click here to send an online request.

Looking for governance coaching or training?

Click here to contact Shelagh and discuss your needs.

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