Watch out for autocorrect and your own grammar when it comes to homophones

Are you using the correct words?

Our written communications have potential to impact reputations –  our own, those of our colleagues, and those of our employers. A homophone is one of two or more words that sound similar yet with different meanings and/or spellings. Scroll down, and you’ll see I’ve built a list of some of these words that are commonly misused. 

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A sampling of homophones

A homophone is one of  two or more words with the same pronunciation but different meanings or spelling. When we use AI to dictate work, we want to check whether the appropriate word has been recorded. Even when we’re using the keyboard, autocorrect functions may sometimes skew our meaning.

Here are some examples of homophones. If you rely on autocorrect functions,  double check the results when inserting homophones. When in doubt as to which word is appropriate, check a dictionary.

accede, exceed

accept, except

affect, effect

allowed, aloud

are, hour, our

bare, bear

board, bored

cache, cash

cite, sight

complement, compliment

discrete, discreet

ensure, insure

hear, here

higher, hire

accede, exceed

incite, insight

its, it’s

led, lead

new, knew

passed, past

principal, principle

sole, soul

stationary, stationery (think “e” for envelopes and paper)

than, then

their, there, they’re

two, too, two

wary, weary

weather, whether

who’s, whose

you’re, your

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