The Resilient Assistant: Taking Chances on Yourself

Shelagh can deliver this presentation as a keynote, a breakout presentation, or a half-day session.

The early 2020s have brought home in no uncertain terms the significance of personal and career resilience. Join Shelagh as we look at navigating, surviving and thriving in times of uncertainty and change. Shelagh’s story is one of values, ambition, well earned confidence, and resilience. Her career spanned economic booms and recessions, a corporate merger and the dissolution of a public institution. She’s repeatedly taken chances on herself, leveraging career capital and introducing and adapting to change – and you can, as well.

Learning Objectives:

  • Alignment of career, values and ambitions: taking chances
  • Choosing informed optimism
  • Resilience in times of change and challenge
Here’s a look at what people think of Shelagh’s training.

a fantastic speaker, an amazing trainer

“Shelagh has an infectious energy about her, she’s personable and engaging and is able to get everyone in the room listening and learning in a way that’s fun, fast paced and, most importantly, memorable.” – Sarah Howson, England

“You are a wealth of knowledge and truly an amazing trainer. I would love to learn more from you.” – Cindy O’Reilly, USA

Shelagh has an infectious energy about her

“Her desire to teach and empower individuals to truly thrive in all facets of their career was evident yet presented in a manner that was engaging, funny and incredibly informative. Off the stage her charisma, charm and wit were contagious, she just made you feel like you were heard and valued.” – Christa Hiebert, Canada

“It amazes me how much expertise, knowledge and energy is ever present in Shelagh. Her professional conduct is coupled with a compassionate personality that translates into her being a highly skilled trainer …” – Nina Aunula, Finland

engaging, funny and incredibly informative

“I found Shelagh to be a quintessential professional whose knowledge of our profession is boundless. Shelagh is a fantastic speaker and commands the attention of the room when she speaks.” – Priscilia Gough, Canada

“She has a huge wealth of experience … and she is also a brilliant trainer. Shelagh tailored her content by making considerable effort to learn more about the UK market, and ensured that her training aligned with UK culture and working practices.” – Victoria Wratten, UK

innovative; a wealth of knowledge

“Shelagh shares personal stories and strategies that have taken me to a new level …” – Jacqueline Leib, USA

“She’s an amazing speaker and trainer. With eloquence and clarity (I am not a native speaker of English), she explains very complicated topics … to a non-expert audience. She’s innovative and always brings a new approach to her lessons.” – Carla Stefanut, Italy

learning that’s fun, fast paced and, most importantly, memorable