How to Assert Yourself

available for delivery in person and by webinar

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This course

Assistants often excel at advocating for others and taking care of their colleagues’ needs. Many are not as comfortable, though, when it comes to asserting themselves or negotiating on their own behalf. Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or ambivert (with qualities of both introversion and extroversion), you can impact your career satisfaction, performance and progress by asserting yourself with executive presence.

Whether it’s a matter of negotiating deliverables and deadlines, or saying “no” when that’s the appropriate response, you need to draw on communication skills. The same is true when it comes to effectively articulating your needs and wants, and the value you add to your organisation. Developing and honing these skills can benefit both you and your employer. When you effectively assert and advocate for yourself, that can result in greater clarity of communications and reduce misunderstandings and frustrations.

If you’re ready to enhance your ability to speak up for yourself and refine your negotiating skills, join Shelagh in this session. Plan to explore why and how self-promotion needn’t be an unwelcome concept. We’ll also look at visibility and recognition, and how to achieve these for all the right reasons.

Key learning points

1. How to assert and even promote yourself

2. How to enhance your visibility and recognition of the value you bring to the organisation

3. How to negotiate with executive presence


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