Weekend Poll: New norms amid the pandemic

Depending on where you live, we’re now in the fourth month or so of working around – or not working during – the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m pleased to be bringing you additional insights soon from professional association leaders around the globe.

Checking in

First, though, I thought it timely to check in with you once again. We’ve made it through the early weeks and months of the pandemic, and have been developing new norms. Some of those norms may be temporary, and so this is a good time to check in on how you’re managing and adapting.

With that said, let’s get straight to it!

How and what – are you doing as new norms are forming?

2 Comments on “Weekend Poll: New norms amid the pandemic

  1. I have always worked in my office as have my boss and the entire team. In the early stages I was given a laptop so I could work from home, if necessary due to restrictions. Everybody in our department was given passes so we would be able to come to the office and to the other facilities our department manages. Those were never needed. The only adjustment I made was to switch from public transportation to taking my car when the train and bus schedules were cut.

    • Thanks, Angela, for sharing your experience here. It sounds as though things have gone very smoothly.

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