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Cybersecurity is a critical issue at the best of times, and it’s all the more important given the COVID-19 pandemic. Assistants and their employers have become increasingly dependent on digital communications as 2020 progresses.

The World Economic Forum is one of many bodies to have recognised the significant increase in cyber risks all of us face in light of transformations to how we do business.

Whether you’re working from home, in the office, or embarking on a hybrid arrangement, you’re likely relying on a combination of employer and personal hardware and servers. We’ll take a look at the potential implications a cyber breach can have for individuals and employers, and the tactics cyber criminals employ.

While the risks are real, there are practices you can adopt to mitigate both personal and professional risks. You’ll come away from this time with Shelagh with some simple, proactive measures you can take to reduce your cyber vulnerabilities. Join Shelagh in this session, and you’ll see why she’s called the cybersecurity whisperer.

Key learning points
  1. The implications of a cyber breach
  2. Recognizing risk
  3. Mitigating risk: best practices



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