Business Writing

available for delivery in person and by webinar

If you’d like to attend this course by webinar,  click here for Shelagh’s Eventbrite page to check for the next scheduled offering. If you’re planning professional development for your colleagues or association and would like Shelagh to tailor this presentation for your group, click here to drop Shelagh a note.

This course

Given the increased degree to which we’re communicating remotely in 2020, your written communications skills have become all the more relevant. They speak volumes, and impact reputations – yours, and those of the people and organisation you support.

Once you’re established in your career, it’s easy to assume that the writing skills that got you there will continue to serve you well. While that may be the case, it’s a good idea to periodically pause and take stock. Whether you’re already in your dream job, focused on enhancing your prospects or engaged in a job search, this is an opportunity to consider what your business writing says about your credibility, currency and professionalism.

Join Shelagh to look at honing general communications, reports and emails, and writing for multiple audiences. You’ll gain insights on how to ensure your written communications are concise and underpinned by good grammar, proper punctuation and organisational knowledge.

Key learning points

1. How to structure your communications with clarity and logic

2. Underpinning your communications with good grammar and organisational knowledge

3. Crises and confidential or sensitive situations: choosing what you will and won’t write


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