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Our business and personal lives are increasingly digital, and we often rely on technology without blinking an eye. If you tackle work projects from home or respond to emails outside office hours, you may find yourself using personal hardware for business purposes. Nor is it uncommon for people to rely on their employers’ networks when using their personal smartphones.

With this blurring of boundaries, it’s important to be aware of the potential implications of a cyber breach – for you, and for your employer. We’ll take a look at those breach implications, and the latest tactics cyber criminals employ. This is important, because EAs working with senior executives and boards are attractive targets. We’ll wrap up by looking at practical, proactive measures you can take to mitigate those risks in the office and in your personal life.

Join Shelagh in this session, and you'll see why she's been been called the assistants' cybersecurity whisperer.

  • Breach implications
  • Recognising risk
  • Mitigating risk - best practices
"May you live in interesting times." Digital disruption has become part of the lexicon, but did you know that we’ve embarked upon the Fourth Industrial Revolution, aka IR4.0? Pundits have applied other terms to this era we’ve entered, with some labelling it as transformational and others referring to it as The Great Disruption.

We routinely hear about artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, and how all these advances are expected to transform not only the way business is done, but society itself. There are other changes on the horizon, as well. What do all these changes mean for the assistant’s career, and what skills will assistants need in order to continue to add value? Time will tell, but emotional intelligence and complex problem solving skills alone likely won’t be enough. Assistants will also want to continue to adapt and refine their skill sets.

In the midst of uncertainty, one thing assistants can do is work on their resilience. That’s good for an individual, and also good for their clients, colleagues and employers. Join Shelagh for a look at how adaptability, lifelong learning and networking nurture one’s resilience and capacity to add value in times of change.

  • Gain perspective on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and an overview of tech advances
  • Examine how tech advances have already impacted the career, and what skills will remain relevant
  • Explore how to nurture your resilience through adaptability, lifelong learning and peer networks
Artificial Intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality. Advanced robotics, blockchain and drones. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Just kidding when it comes to these last three. The others, however, are more than abstract concepts; they’re the new facts of life and part of the Great Disruption. They also represent some aspects of IR4.0, aka the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It's not that long ago that pundits were questioning whether the internet would have much impact on the retail and media sectors. We now know the answer, and there are projections that we may soon look back in the same way on today's questions about blockchain technology.

As with all revolutions, this one is impacting both personal and business lives. Alexa, Cora and Siri aren’t simply names any more; they’re among the AI products bearing human monikers. Since AI is projected to increase gross domestic product (GDP) around the globe, astute business leaders are assessing both risks and opportunities associated with digital breakthroughs and disruption.

Astute assistants are doing the same, rather than resting on their EQ laurels. Join Shelagh for a discussion of the administrative career in light of these tech advances, and how to build and maintain resilience in these times of change.


  • Familiarize yourself with the basics of IR4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Blockchain technology
  • Consider the ramifications for your career 5 and 10 years out; where will you add value?
  • Identify resources to help you adapt
  • Identify how to establish or maintain boundaries between your personal and business lives
  • Consider how inter-generational mentorships can benefit everyone; explore potential for tapping into (or being!) a Millennial digital mentor

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