Exceptional EA respects your privacy

We treat your privacy the same way we’d like ours respected. This Privacy Statement (“Statement”) provides you information about how Exceptional EA handles personal information.

Please read this Statement regularly for updates

This page was last updated February 25, 2020.

Please read this Statement in full. Check back on a regular basis to ensure you’re aware of current practices, and contact us at if you have any questions about our practices or your personal information choices.

Your privacy and your trust are important

It’s a reality that no electronic transmission of information via the internet is a hundred percent secure. The same is true for electronic storage of data and information. In accessing this website, you acknowledge that we are unable to guarantee the security of electronic transmission and storage of information.

What we can control is the care we take care with your Personal Information (PI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The bottom line is that we are committed to protecting the privacy of people (“visitors”) who visit this website, and the privacy of individuals who complete contact forms to explore services and potential collaborations. We take care to prevent loss, alteration or misuse of your personal information.

Unsubscribe at any time

You are able to unsubscribe from Exceptional EA at any time. You can manage your subscription, and/or send an email or complete the Contact form to do so.

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Information we collect from you

When you subscribe to Exceptional EA, you provide and we maintain the following information:

  • Your first and last names
  • Your email address

When you complete a “Contact” form, you provide and we maintain the following information:

  • Your name, email address, phone number (should you provide it), and the name of your association/organisation
  • Conference/event website name and website URL, event date(s), location, projected audience size, speaker/trainer budget and comments you may insert regarding a conference/event audience and/or an event theme/training needs you identify
  • Comments you may provide
Data is used as follows

By regularly reviewing this Statement, you can make informed choices about the use of your information. We collect, store and disclose personal information as needed for operational and publishing purposes as described in this Statement.

When you subscribe to Exceptional EA:

  • You receive notifications about Exceptional EA’s posts and articles
  • We may email you to apprise you of Exceptional EA’s privacy practices, and/or changes to such practices
  • We may email you newsletters containing career information, offers and promotions, including but not limited to word of Shelagh Donnelly’s products, services and presentations

When you complete a “Contact” form:

  • We use the data provided, including personal information, to fulfill your contact request, and to assess training/speaking/other service needs. We also use such information for research, marketing and other general purposes.

When you complete a “Real Careers” interview questionnaire:

  • We maintain your name, contact information, and responses to interview questions.
  • We share the information in articles and, as acknowledged and consented to by interviewees by virtue of having electronically submitted the completed questionnaire form and photo, we may share such information (subject to editing and formatting to reflect Exceptional EA’s style standards) on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and in print/electronic book publication(s).
  • We may contact you by email to invite you to participate in a Real Careers panel series, to seek consent to include your photo in training presentation materials, or for other purposes.

If you contract with us, or purchase something from us:

  • We collect payment information, which may include your name, phone number(s), email and postal mailing addresses, financial and/or credit/bank card information, and other information required in order to process your transaction
Data is not provided to third party service/product providers or marketers

We do not share your data with third party service/product providers or marketers.

We do respond to readers’ requests, with mutual written consent. Readers sometimes ask us to put them in touch with one another, and frequently connect through visible social media account names/handles/coordinates. In the case of email communications with other Exceptional EA readers, we secure your written consent before sharing your email address with any other reader(s).

Cookies and analytics

In this context, a cookie is a small string of data. It typically includes a unique, anonymous identifier that is transmitted from a website server to your browser. When we access Website A, its cookies are stored on our computer’s hard drive. Then, if we use that same browser to access Website A at a future point, our browser accesses and returns the same data string to that website’s server.

There are different types of cookies. Session cookies are finite; they expire when you close your browser. Other cookies have expiration dates, and will remain in your hard drive until (a) their expiration date, or (b) you delete them. These are known as persistent cookies. Visitors to this website can reject cookies and still use the website but, as is the case with websites in general, blocking cookies can limit usability of some aspects of a website.

This website is published on WordPress, and uses social media and Google Analytics to analyse website usage.

As is the case with many websites, certain information that does not identify individual visitors is automatically gathered and stored. We access this data to understand demographic information about our user base.

Third party websites

Some of this website’s pages and posts includes hyperlinks to third party websites. We have no control over the privacy policies and practices of third parties, and are not responsible for their practices and policies.


All original photography is © Shelagh Donnelly. Shelagh Donnelly is the sole owner of intellectual property (IP) published on Exceptional EA and in her training and presentation materials.  Readers and clients may not reproduce such resources, or create byproduct works from such resources, without Shelagh Donnelly’s express written consent. Shelagh may be contacted at


Please see Exceptional EA’s Disclosure page. You’re also welcome to use Exceptional EA’s Contact page.

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