Negotiating skills

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This course

Assistants often negotiate on behalf of their employers, and your ability to do so effectively is one more means by which you make yourself valuable. Your readiness and ability to negotiate can have positive impacts on two key resources: time and finances.

A good assistant will negotiate the most favourable possible terms when sourcing services, events and – the day will come again! – venues. Skilled assistants can al so alleviate frustrations as they deploy their negotiation skills in scheduling and rescheduling meetings, implementing change, resolving or preventing sticky interpersonal situations, and securing sought after seats, reservations and bookings. The extent to which you’re comfortable and effective in negotiating on your own behalf can also impact you personally and professionally.

Join Shelagh in exploration of principles and techniques for effective negotiating strategies. We’ll also look at why and how you should plan to develop and draw upon negotiating skills when it comes to interviews, performance planning and career satisfaction.

You may already know that Shelagh left the administrative role for a few years mid-career. Over the course of almost 16 years with the same national corporation, she had four distinct careers. Shelagh began as an executive secretary and was an editor before becoming a corporate trainer and then – with little ones at home – embarking upon a six-year award-winning career in sales.

Shelagh had already developed strong negotiation skills, not only from working in the C-Suite, but also as one of seven siblings. She honed her negotiation skills even further during her sales career, bringing clients together to achieve mutual wins. Those negotiation skills continued to play a critical role when she returned to an office environment for the next 21 years of her career, and Shelagh now shares her insights and strategies with you.

Key learning points

1. How negotiation skills impact your career and capacity to add value

2. The art of negotiation: what it does and does not represent

3. From artform to skills: strategies and skills you can hone to support effective negotiations


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