Negotiating skills

available for delivery in person and by webinar

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This course

A skilled assistant will negotiate the most favourable possible terms when planning events, sourcing services and (that day is coming) venues. Effective negotiators can alleviate frustrations associated with scheduling and rescheduling meetings, implementing change, and resolving conflicts. When you’ve prepared to negotiate, you increase your likelihood of positively impacting stakeholder relations, time and finances.

Many assistants are more comfortable negotiating on behalf of their colleagues or another party than on their own behalf. In this course, we’ll delve into negotiating effectively – on your employer’s behalf, and also on your own, for interviews, job offers, performance reviews, professional growth and career satisfaction.

Key learning objectives

1. How negotiation skills impact your career and capacity to add value

2. The art of negotiation: what it does and does not represent

3. From art form to skills: strategies and skills you can hone to support effective negotiations


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