Choosing Resilience Over Perfection

available for delivery in person and by webinar

If you’d like to attend this course by webinar,  click here for Shelagh’s Eventbrite page to check for the next scheduled offering. If you’re planning professional development for your colleagues or association and would like Shelagh to tailor this presentation for your group, click here to drop Shelagh a note.

This course

You give a lot to your career, but are you investing your energies in the right direction?

Many assistants are known for a tendency toward perfectionism. Shelagh was one of them. Of course, you want to be known for the quality of your work. When it comes to performance outcomes and your career, though, you may be better off approaching this from a basis of focusing on resilience.

Join Shelagh for a look at strategies that have helped her and may help you, as well. This session is ideal for assistants who are seeking both strong performance outcomes and career satisfaction.

Key learning points

1. The quest for perfection, and the Ps and Qs associated with perfectionism

2. Nurturing your resilience to help drive performance and outcomes

3. The significance of networking to your professional growth and your resilience


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