Choosing Resilience Over Perfection

available for delivery in person and by webinar

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This offering, which I will happily tailor for your audience

Has anyone ever called you a perfectionist, or gently hinted at such tendencies? If so, you may want to consider whether you’re investing your energies in the right direction.

Many assistants are known for a tendency toward perfectionism. Shelagh was one of them. More than a few who are invested in high performance wear the “perfectionist” label as a badge of honour, and yet there’s a more effective and less taxing way to approach performance outcomes and your career.

Of course, you want to be known for the quality of your work. When it comes to performance outcomes and your career, though, you may be better off choosing resilience over perfection.

Join Shelagh for a look at why resilience is a better focus, and some strategies to help bend that curve when it comes to perfectionist tendencies. This course is ideal for both strong performance outcomes and career satisfaction.


This session includes a PDF workbook to help participants progress from theory to reflection and action.

Key learning objectives

1. The quest for perfection, and the Ps and Qs associated with perfectionism

2. Nurturing your resilience to help drive performance and outcomes

3. The significance of networking to your professional growth and your resilience


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