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Shelagh Interviewed for Staples Article on Cybersecurity

Did you know that October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month? How do you reduce risks of a data breach? That’s an important question, because a full 52% of respondents have yet to receive cybersecurity training in the workplace.   Check my…

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Weekend Poll: Onboarding to Your Role

Like me, you may know one or more assistants who have recently begun new jobs. Do you remember the first couple of weeks in your current role?  Onboarding ideally begins before day one The interview process is an opportunity for a…

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Weekend Poll Results: More Employers & Assistants Need to Focus on Cybersecurity

When I think of cybersecurity breaches, I equate them to a spider’s web. If you think about it, spiders’ webs are finely spun and not necessarily visible to the naked eye – unless you’re specifically looking for them or (ugh)…

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Weekend Poll: How’s Your Cybersecurity Awareness?

Are you and your colleagues at risk of getting caught in a web of digital breaches at home and in the office? About Cybersecurity Cybersecurity is an issue impacting all business and organisations, in all sectors. I’ve been speaking on…

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