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Weekend Poll: Lockdown redux and looking forward

Lockdowns, restrictions and … doughnuts Depending on the region and country in which you live, pandemic-related restrictions have either eased or increased in the last couple of weeks. Here in Vancouver, by the Pacific Ocean, we’re dealing with increased restrictions….

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How assistants are tapping in to social media in 2020: Weekend Poll results

The results of my latest Weekend Poll exploring your use of social media are in, and they’re interesting! Social media is a fact of life More than three of every four respondents, 78%, said you use social media both personally…

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Weekend Poll: You and Social Media

Have your social media habits evolved this year? It’s that time of year again, when I ask readers about your social media practices and which platforms are most relevant to you. This year, given the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve added a…

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2020: An annus horribilis, or a year of lessons?

It depends on how you choose to view 2020. Thank you to all who participated in my September 2020 Weekend Poll, through which I checked in with readers as to how and what you’re doing more than half a year…

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