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Weekend Poll: Are you cyber aware?


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Weekend Poll: The State of Your Sleep in 2022

The sixth year for this survey Each year since 2016, with the exception of 2020, I’ve asked readers whether you’re getting enough sleep. As we continue this annual look at sleep patterns, I’ll be tracking and reporting back to you…

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Weekend Poll: Are you a perfectionist?

Do you like having all your ducks in a row? It’s one thing to be organised, or well prepared before we embark on a project, a report or initiative. It’s another to require everything to be just so before you…

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Weekend Poll Results: Grammar and business writing

Do you consistently proofread your work? That’s one of the questions I asked readers in a recent Weekend Poll. I also asked about how consistently you proofread different types of work, including minutes and emails. For some, the answer depends…

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