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Weekend Poll: Setting Boundaries

A few weeks ago, one reader shared a BBC article headlined, “Banning out-of-hours email ‘could harm employee wellbeing'” … believe it or not! Let’s take a look at your thoughts and experience.

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Weekend Poll Results: The state of minutes in 2019

With thanks to all who participated in my latest Weekend Poll, here are your responses to my questions associated with all those hours you spend on minutes! Minutes are part of the career A whopping 96% of respondents told me…

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Weekend Poll: Time to talk about minutes

Minutes. They’re part of almost every assistant’s job description, and your finished results go on to represent the organisation’s history. Little wonder some assistants are uncomfortable with this aspect of the role. Let’s take a look at your experience.

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Assistants and self-promotion: Weekend Poll results

We know that assistants often excel at advocating for others and negotiating on behalf of their employers. In my latest Weekend Poll, I asked how comfortable you are with self-promotion and negotiating on your own behalf. Here are the results!

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