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Weekend Poll Results: Job Changes on the Horizon

… or they’re at least a possibility for some! With thanks to all who participated in my last Weekend Poll, here are your responses to my question:  Is a job change in your forseeable future? Context: speaking from experience Twelve percent…

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Weekend Poll: Is a Job Change in Your Future?

Have you made a job change lately, or are you contemplating one? That’s the focus of my latest Weekend Poll. Add your voice, and share the link with your counterparts.

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Weekend Poll Results: Progress to Be Made With Onboarding

It’s a good thing I’m offering an Onboarding webinar on February 21st! While some organisations have good systems in place, only 53% of respondents’ offices have documented processes in place. Read on for full details of readers’ responses.

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Weekend Poll Results: Assistants of 2019 Are Plugged in to Networks

I asked readers about your professional associations in 2019. Along with this pic of yours truly enjoying the company of some International Management Assistants (IMA) members at Executive Secretary LIVE last year, here are the results.

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