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Astute assistants keeping an eye on supply chain, inflation and travel

Travel, inflation and more: What should assistants anticipate in 2022? Hello, readers. I’ve been itching to carve out time and publish more for you than I have lately. In addition to my webinars, I presented at three conferences last month…

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Weekend Poll: Checking in, 18 months after declaration of a pandemic

assistants’ pandemic experiences

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Assistants and cybersecurity in 2021 – Weekend Poll results

What a difference a few years make When I published my first cybersecurity-focused Weekend Poll back in 2017, less than half the assistants who responded had received cybersecurity training in the workplace. Now, after asking readers five consecutive years about…

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Approaching Your Next Performance Review? Read this.

Performance reviews are the norm for most  For the majority of assistants who responded to my Weekend Poll,  performance evaluations are a cultural norm. That’s what 80% of you said. Sixteen percent said the process exists in theory, while the…

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