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Weekend Poll: Onboarding to Your Role

Like me, you may know one or more assistants who have recently begun new jobs. Do you remember the first couple of weeks in your current role?  Onboarding ideally begins before day one The interview process is an opportunity for a…

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Podcast: You Landed the Job – What Next?

As of this week, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has beaten humans in an esport competition. Click here to listen to what we should know about just how rapidly AI is advancing.

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Weekend Poll: Onboarding and Orientation to Your Role

Have any new people landed in your office this month?  We’ve welcomed some newbies, which reminds me of what it was like to be that new person. I don’t know about you, but I found that, the more senior the…

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Weekend Poll: Have You Created a Procedures Manual for Your Role?

Around this time last year, I asked readers whether you’d created a procedures manual for your role.  This weekend, I’m publishing a second annual version of this poll, including a couple of new questions. When I publish the results next…

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