Where Will You Find Me This Week?

On the cover of Executive Secretary Magazine …

Or, I should say, my article on identifying as administrative professionals is the cover story. While the print version is enroute to subscribers around the globe, the web version of the July issue is already online.

What about that caped duo?

You’ll want to read the article to find out. Click here to go to Lucy Brazier’s Executive Secretary Magazine website.

It’s worth mentioning that this article is in good company, as this month’s issue also features insights from other trainers, below.

  • Joan Burge
  • Doug Dickerson
  • Marsha Egan
  • Sandy Geroux
  • Donna Gilliland
  • Marie Herman
  • Bonnie Low-Kramen
  • Ethelwyn Lloyd
  • Julie Perrine
  • Rhonda Scarf
  • Cathy Williams Harris
  • Julia Schmidt
  • Lindsay Taylor
  • Michele Strickland Thwaits

 Enjoy diving in to some good reads!

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