Where Will You Find Me This Week?

Well, after strolling down to the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station yesterday to see some visitors from England, you’ll now find me inside (and online at) Executive Secretary Magazine, before returning to Kelowna later this week for a stay at the waterfront Hotel Eldorado

At the Kits Coast Guard Station Welcoming Will and Kate …

Let’s start with yesterday afternoon’s walk. I hadn’t planned to join the crowds warmly welcoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station, but decided at the last minute to make my way down the hill … where you can see the enthusiastic welcomes (and thousands of cell phone cameras) extended to this couple. And yes, she looked gorgeous in that Alexander McQueen dress! You’ll see her just right of centre at the back of the first pic. This duo is exploring western  Canada by float planes, boats and more, including our colourful hovercraft above.

Inside Executive Secretary Magazine …


Next, we’re transitioning to Fall in this hemisphere, even as my readers in other parts of the globe are enjoying the start of Spring. It’s back to school time here, and so my article for this issue of Executive Secretary Magazine focuses on learning, and challenging admin. professionals to take control of their careers through ongoing learning and self-assessment.  While the print version is enroute to subscribers around the globe, the web version of the September issue is now online.  Click here to check out the article.

 … and back to Kelowna
Kelowna's Hotel Eldorado; photo courtesy of Hotel Eldorado

Kelowna’s Hotel Eldorado; photo courtesy of Hotel Eldorado

Then, later this week, I’ll be back in Kelowna, where we lived for a couple of decades. Friendships and networks are important to me, and I’ll be catching up with some good friends who are former colleagues. We used to make the Eldorado – fondly known as “the El” – one of our gathering spots, and I’m grateful to the hotel for making this reunion possible. This will be my first visit since the hotel’s recent refurbishment by a highly regarded Vancouver design firm, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results. Have a look at the Hotel Eldorado by clicking here and watch for pics and more later this week!

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