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Category: Motivation and Resiliency

Brain Breaks 2.5

Fireworks in Vancouver – Celebration of Light: Want to start your week with a bang? Here’s a look at the opening night of Vancouver’s annual fireworks display. Along with 400,000 other Vancouverites, we made our way down to the waterfront…

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Brain Breaks 2.4

Shelagh on a Hot Tin Roof – Thursday Night in New Orleans: All right, this isn’t one of my quieter clips. Enjoy this look at Hot Tin Roof, a popular night spot in New Orleans. Southern Charm in the Garden District:…

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Brain Breaks 2.3

Kits Pool: Looking to cool off in a saltwater pool? Fancy mountain, city and water views while you do so? Kits (Kitsilano) Pool, which opened in 1931, is the place to be. At 137 metres / almost 450′ in length, it’s…

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Brain Breaks 2.2

When you need a brief change of scenery from your day … … feel free to turn to any of my Real Moments’ Brain Breaks. As mentioned in my introductory Brain Breaks post, these brief and electronic brain breaks reflect the world…

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