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Just over a decade ago, I worked with a VP, Research and Internationalisation whose travel destinations included Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

I began researching websites for an efficient currency tracking system and soon landed on  XE, a currency conversion website, to develop travel cost projections and then subsequent expense claims, converted to Canadian funds.

XE Currency

Since actual costs incurred can also depend on rates charged by credit card companies, you may work with extracts of credit card statement printouts in order to secure reimbursement for actual expenses incurred, but the XE website remains a valued resource.

With XE apps readily available, you may just want to install one on your executive’s smartphone or other hardware. Business expenses aside, the app can come in very handy if you’re away on personal travel and would like to know just how much that suit, jewellery or must-have souvenir will cost in your own currency.

 A note: All price quotes reflect those in place at date of publication; you’ll want to check prices, in your own currency, before downloading. 


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