An Inadvertent Blonde

A few weeks ago, I wrote about making the transition from covering up my silvery grey to embracing it. Now six months in, the transition is well underway – even if I have found myself an inadvertent blonde in the process.

That’s right. Rather than going cold turkey, I turned to Albana at Suki’s, and asked her to colour my hair one last time. I asked this master colour designer to run with a silvery white, but she instead whipped up some blonde highlights and brown lowlights.

Six Months In

This change has certainly been interesting. I am happy with Albana’s colour choices, even if two trips to the southern US in the past four months and Vancouver’s great, early summer have resulted in an even more sun-kissed blonde than she envisioned. I know; everyone should have such problems. That blonde, by the way, is interwoven with silver as well as the dark brown strands that continue as a nod to my younger self.

Prepare for Friends’ and Colleagues’ Reactions

Independent of getting used to the look myself, there’s also the matter of preparing for others’ reactions. Seriously. I belong to two professional associations that meet annually in the States, and another in Canada. Most reactions have been mild, but making the transition has reinforced just how much our hair colour contributes to our identity. At one conference, a CEO acquaintance commented that it was only when he saw my eyes that he’d recognised me.

If you decide to go grey or make any other significant colour change, just know that it’s also an adjustment for those around you – particularly for those contacts you see only infrequently.

Making the Transition: Cosmetics and Clothing

Suit Jacket 0267 Copyright Shelagh DonnellyNavy blue and black are classic wardrobe choices whatever the hair colour, and the reds and pinks I’ve always liked in my wardrobe still work.

However, while colour choice in clothing remains relatively constant, I have found this lighter hair colour also leading me to greys and subtle blue-greys, as in this jacket.

Cosmetics Copyright Shelagh DonnellyThe bigger difference is in the shades of eye shadows, lipsticks and lip glosses (no foundation for this gal) that work during this transition.

While uninterested in being boring, I find myself gravitating here to shades that are more subtle than those I’d wear as a brunette.

Is being blonde more fun?

I think it depends on the person, and how much you let colour define you. I started life out as a blonde and, during this transition to silver/granny grey, it’s once again working out just fine.

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