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Gazpacho Copyright Shelagh DonnellySummer has arrived, and gazpacho makes for a light, tasty lunch or dinner. This recipe serves four.


You’ll want to have your blender handy.

Preparation Time

The soup is simple to prepare (allow 15 minutes or so), but you’ll want to remember to allow a couple of hours for chilling.  In the last quarter hour before serving, take a few minutes to slice the avocado and prep the balance of your garnishes.

Ingredients: the Soup

If you grow these ingredients yourself, good on you. If not, or they’re out of season, head to the market for the freshest produce you can find. Since this is a Spanish recipe, I decided to include below a look at just one of the many tempting stalls at Barcelona’s La Boqueria, a fabulous market.

  • tomatoes – four cups, chopped
  • red onion – one, chopped
  • English cucumber – one cup, peeled and chopped
  • garlic – one teaspoon, chopped
  • red pepper – one cup, chopped, with seeds and ribs removed
  • sherry vinegar – three tablespoons
  • olive oil – three tablespoons
  • fresh ground pepper – to taste
  • salt, if desired – to taste

Ingredients: Your Garnish

  • olive oil – three to four teaspoons
  • avocado – half a large avocado, or a full small one; sliced
  • your choice of fresh basil or four finely sliced radishes


  1. Puree the uncooked tomatoes, English cucumber, onion, garlic and red pepper in the blender.
  2. When the mixture is smooth, pour contents into a bowl and stir in the sherry vinegar and olive oil.
  3. Add pepper and salt to taste, and then place in the refrigerator a couple of hours/until cold.
  4. Shortly before serving, slice your garnishes and have them at hand.
  5. Once the gazpacho is cold, dish up. Arrange garnishes to your taste, and drizzle a small ring of olive oil in each bowl. Enjoy!

Looking for a healthy work day lunch?

Pour some in a container and pop it in the fridge until your break.

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