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Weekend Poll: How Do You Stay On Top of Your Game in 2019?

Professional development can take many forms. It’s a question of choice and resources. In my last Weekend Poll, we focused on conferences. This time, we’re looking at a range of options including credit courses, continuing education, conferences, online resources such as this website, and other forms of self-directed learning.

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Weekend Poll Results: The Well-Read Assistant

You may want to nab a good cup of coffee (or perhaps a chilled beverage!) as you pore through the results of my latest Weekend Poll … and be prepared to add to your reading lists! I asked readers what books…

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Weekend Poll: What Are You Reading this Summer?

Each year, I invite you to share your book recommendations with fellow readers around the globe. I’ve resolved the survey form glitch, so you can easily contribute your suggestions.

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Weekend Poll Results: Where Assistants Turn for Development

With thanks to all who participated, here are your responses to my question … What resources do you tap into for professional development? 53% of you dedicate time each week to self-directed PD   … also known as professional development. But what…

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