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One of Those Days – reflections on this second day of June

I’ve just had one of those days ..

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This is Vancouver, where thousands of us converge on English Bay to make mad dashes into the waters off English Bay (or watch the madness!) for the city’s Polar Bear Swim each New Year’s Day. So, when you have gorgeous…

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Vancouver’s Not-So-Smelly Corpse Flower

The smell has come and gone, but Vancouverites are still flocking to see the unique Corpse Plant. Any guesses as to how the largest flowering plant on the planet earned its name?

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Brightening December Skies: Lights at Lafarge

There’s a reason we have an abundance of greenery in Metro Vancouver. While there are hints of snow in next week’s forecast, it’s our rain that’s been on a lot of minds lately. As of three days ago, the official count was that…

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