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Weekend Poll: How Do You Stay On Top of Your Game in 2019?

Professional development can take many forms. It’s a question of choice and resources. In my last Weekend Poll, we focused on conferences. This time, we’re looking at a range of options including credit courses, continuing education, conferences, online resources such as this website, and other forms of self-directed learning.

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Weekend Poll Results: Conferences as Professional Development

Here are the results of my latest Weekend Poll, in which readers reported on their 2019 plans for professional development through conferences.

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Podcast: Are You Comfortable Speaking Truth to Power?

Are you comfortable speaking truth to power? It takes gumption, but the ability to appropriately speak truth to power is something that can distinguish you from others. Simply click below to listen at your convenience   Want to access all…

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Podcast: Cultivate and Nurture Your Networks

Do you invest time and goodwill in building and nurturing your networks?

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