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Weekend Poll Results: Assistants are Invested

This is the third consecutive year for this poll. While fewer assistants self-identified as workaholics, have a look at assistants’ attention to email.

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Weekend Poll: Are You A Workaholic?

We all like to work hard and smart. Sometimes, though, we let work dominate our lives. For the third consecutive year, I’m asking … Are you a workaholic?

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Weekend Poll: Do You Have Balance in Your Life?

Do you have a good life-work balance, or do you find yourself working from home or staying extra hours at the office? It’s Weekend Poll time, and I’m asking if you’re a workaholic.

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Weekend Poll Results: Fewer Assistants Say They’re Workaholics, but …

This is the second consecutive year for this poll, and fewer assistants self-identified in 2018 as workaholics … but have a look at the results, and you’ll see why my next Poll will focus on achieving balance.

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