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Weekend Poll: Are You Ready for a (Digital) Revolution?

I’ve posed this question before, but have you paused to consider that you’re living through an industrial revolution? Does this inspire or intimidate you? Or, perhaps, it’s simply a fact of life. We’re in the midst of the Fourth Industrial…

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This Wednesday in Real Careers: More from My Panel Series

The Pace of Change Arising from Digital Disruption … that’s what we’ll be looking at this Wednesday, with my international panel consisting of Sofie Koark, MistiLynn Lokken, Janice Parker, Helen Rees and Julia Schmidt. Your panel   Check back Wednesday ……

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How Is Digitization Changing the Way You Prepare for and Conduct Meetings?

Do you stand at the copier assembling hard copy agenda packages? … or do you digitize your agenda packages? Today, we’re taking a look at technology’s impact on not only meeting preparation, but also how actual meetings unfold in 2017. This next…

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Today’s Digitized Workplace

You’re probably more digitized than you think … and that’s what I’ve assembled an international panel of Real Careers alumni to discuss: the current and future states of digitization in the workplace. Sofie Koark, MistiLynn Lokken, Janice Parker, Helen Rees…

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This Wednesday in Real Careers: Part Two in My Digital Disruption Panel Series

We’re looking at social media, apps in the workplace … … and the same questions I posed to readers in my latest Weekend Poll on digitization in the workplace.  I’m keeping that poll open until early Monday evening for those who…

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