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Category: Digital Disruption

Weekend Poll Results: Not Many Are Concerned About Alexa vs. Assistants

… at least in the short term. I asked readers to look ahead both five and 10 years, and rate your degree of concern about robots and computers replacing you in your job. Here’s what you said.

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Podcast: AI – Robots, Computers and Your Job

As of this week, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has beaten humans in an esport competition. Click here to listen to what we should know about just how rapidly AI is advancing.

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Weekend Poll: Bots & Your Job

The world of AI is moving faster than we realise. An expert’s take this week: “What we’ve been able to do is show that today’s algorithms, if you scale them up with massive amounts of computation, are capable of going far further than even the experts in the field thought.” How does this make you feel about robotics and your career?

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Digital Disruption: Do You Need A Digital Mentor?

… or are you one of the people who shares such expertise and helps colleagues adapt? Our Digital Disruption series continues today, with a look at how admin. professionals are adapting to change that comes with technological innovations. Click here…

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