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Weekend Poll: How Seriously Do You Take Password Security?

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter issued a recommendation that its 336 million (yes) users change their passwords.  The recommendation was, of course, issued via tweet. “We recently found a bug that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log. We…

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Weekend Poll Results: AI on the Rise

With thanks to all who participated, here are your responses to my question … How comfortable are you with the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI)? The majority of you are okay (or more than okay) with AI in your lives I…

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Weekend Poll: Cora, Alexa, Scarlett, Andrew and Google AI: Oh, My!

It’s almost a year since I assembled an international panel of Real Careers alum to consider the impact of digital disruption on assistants’ careers. Since that time, I’ve canvassed readers more than once about the impact of tech advances on…

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This Wednesday in Real Careers: More from My Panel Series

The Pace of Change Arising from Digital Disruption … that’s what we’ll be looking at this Wednesday, with my international panel consisting of Sofie Koark, MistiLynn Lokken, Janice Parker, Helen Rees and Julia Schmidt. Your panel   Check back Wednesday ……

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Today’s Digitized Workplace

You’re probably more digitized than you think … and that’s what I’ve assembled an international panel of Real Careers alumni to discuss: the current and future states of digitization in the workplace. Sofie Koark, MistiLynn Lokken, Janice Parker, Helen Rees…

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