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Approaching Your Next Performance Review? Read this.

Performance reviews are the norm for most  For the majority of assistants who responded to my Weekend Poll,  performance evaluations are a cultural norm. That’s what 80% of you said. Sixteen percent said the process exists in theory, while the…

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Weekend Poll: Performance reviews – opportunities or ordeals?

Do you receive performance evaluations? Whether or not we look forward to them, performance reviews (evaluations) are part of a good organisational culture. Despite this, and even in some terrific organisations, there are instances in which assistants go years without…

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Weekend Poll: Are you a perfectionist?

I sometimes joke that I’m a recovering perfectionist. I’m not so sure, though, that it is a joke. For example, I played around with the two images you see on this page for a good 15 minutes – and would…

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Weekend Poll: Does Your Employer Care About Your Job Satisfaction?

We’ve been looking at various aspects of workplace culture lately. It’s time for an annual check-in on whether your principal asks about your job satisfaction and career aspirations, or whether s/he makes assumptions.

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