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Weekend Poll: Are you a perfectionist?

I sometimes joke that I’m a recovering perfectionist. I’m not so sure, though, that it is a joke. For example, I played around with the two images you see on this page for a good 15 minutes – and would…

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Weekend Poll: Does Your Employer Care About Your Job Satisfaction?

We’ve been looking at various aspects of workplace culture lately. It’s time for an annual check-in on whether your principal asks about your job satisfaction and career aspirations, or whether s/he makes assumptions.

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Podcast: The State of Performance Management in 2018

Each year, I ask readers about performance management and the feedback you receive in between formal evaluation meetings. Here’s what you had to say in 2018.

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Weekend Poll Results: Performance Management

I asked, and readers spoke. Goal setting and formal performance evaluations and reviews are good, but you also want informal feedback in between these annual reviews. Read on to see how many actual receive informal feedback on a regular basis.

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