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Weekend Poll: Your 2018 Social Media Resources

Assistants are highly connected … but you knew that. Not all assistants are the same, though, in the way they approach information gathering and sharing, or in their approaches to networking. Some assistants build and nurture their networks primarily in…

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Weekend Poll Results: Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

With thanks to all who participated, here are your responses to my question … How LinkedIn are you? In my latest Weekend Poll, I asked readers a series of questions related to your use of this tool. The majority of assistants have LinkedIn…

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Weekend Poll: How Linked In Are You?

This weekend, we’re looking at

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Your Relationship With Social Media in 2017: Weekend Poll Results

Late last week, I shared images and updates from professional development undertakings in two diverse locations: Angola and Washington, DC.  Here in Vancouver,  I was able to enjoy the successes and friendships celebrated by some great peers, all via social media. That led…

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