Weekend Poll: You and Social Media

Have your social media habits evolved this year?

It’s that time of year again, when I ask readers about your social media practices and which platforms are most relevant to you. This year, given the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve added a couple of new questions. It occurs to me that the extent to which all of us are in front of screens and working with digital information this year may impact your practices.

As well, I’ve noticed assistants in at least two sectors increasingly taking on informal roles as social media brand ambassadors. In such cases, assistants share word of their employers’ recruitment initiatives, or accomplishments and practices. These individuals aren’t taking on or competing with the roles held by their Communications’ colleagues; it seems to me these are instances in which articulate individuals are supporting and enhancing the formal efforts.

Let’s dive in, shall we? My focus for this Weekend Poll is …

How has your use of social media evolved?

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below. As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Please check back here in the week ahead for results. 

I don't use it.I rarely use it.I use it personally and for my career.I use it solely for personal purposes.I use it solely for my career.
NoI monitor one or more platforms, though it's not a formal expectationYes; I publish to one or more platformsYes; I monitor one or more platformsYes; I publish to AND monitor one or more platforms
YesNoI don't know; I'd better check
Yes; I share links and/or good newsYes, and this is encouraged at our workplaceNo; I've not thought to do soNo; I prefer to keep my personal life and workplace separateNo; our policy precludes this
NoYes; I share information on PD events/initiativesYes; I use it to watch for word of PD events/initiatives
Giving and receiving moral supportSharing professional insights, resources and virtual practices as we work our way through uncharted territorySeeking employment opportunitiesGeneral networking - staying in touch and up to speed
NoYes; I find myself wanting away from screens, and use it lessYes; I find myself using it more - for insights, advice, company and/or support
Messenger (FB Messenger)TelegramViberWeChatWhatsApp
I use this occasionallyI use this routinelyI use this more than I used toI use this less than I used to
Noneup to 15 minutes16-30 minutes31-60 minutes1-2 hours2-3 hours3-4 hours> 4 hours
Yes; I'm on a permanent detox. I don't use social media.NoYes, though not on a consistent basis.Yes; I do so on weekends.Yes; I do so when I'm on vacation.

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