Ready to Begin Your Holiday Baking? Recipes from Around the Globe

Have you begun your holiday baking? 

I’ve not, but the recipes coming in from readers for Exceptional EA’s first annual Cookie Exchange have got me eyeing the apron I picked up in Paris a couple of summers ago, and our old tried and true baking sheets.

Check back here beginning this weekend for recipes from readers around the globe – and, if you’d like to contribute, it’s not too late. Have a look at my invitation, or simply click on Contact Shelagh to send in your family favourite.

With thanks to Dawn Becker, Sherri Eckworth, Susan Engelbrecht,  Michela Luoni, Anel Martin, Julia Schmidt and others, you’ll soon see recipes for Peppermint Bonbons, Victoria Sponge from England, Norweigan Coconut Macaroons, Panettone from Italy, Hertzoggies and Koeksusters from South Africa, Davina’s Digestives, Lime and Ginger Cheesecake and more. Hungry yet?


2 Comments on “Ready to Begin Your Holiday Baking? Recipes from Around the Globe

  1. Hi Shelagh – I’d love to see a pic of your apron – I love aprons. My prize apron is a gift I received from my friend when she visited the Jane Austen Centre in Bath. Unfortunately, I don’t bake but I do use an apron 🙂

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    • Bette,

      Hi, and that friend must have known E. Bette very well to have brought you a gift from the Jane Austen Centre.

      I’m with you; we have aprons from Paris and Barcelona’s La Boqueria, among other spots. They’re very touristy, as opposed to fine linens, but bring back fond memories … and I will be sure to include a pic of the apron(s) with some of these upcoming recipes. Thanks for asking!


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