Real Careers – My Interviews With Assistants Around the Globe

Do you ever look at your administrative role models and wonder how they  pull it all together?

Or how the lives of your counterparts in other cities and countries vary, and where there may be areas of common ground?

Exceptional EA features Real Careers, through which Shelagh travels the globe virtually in order to meet with and interview high performing admin. professionals.

EAs, Management Assistants, PAs and other accomplished administrative professionals from around the globe generously share the benefit of their experience.

Just as Real Careers crosses geographical boundaries, you’ll also find it inter-generational.

Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials can all learn from one another …

… and they do, thanks to the sharing of best practices, time management strategies and more on this site.

Exceptional EA recognises that the admin. profession is not for women only, and male admin. pros also have an important voice.

I ask these savvy administrators for their time management strategies.

My interviewees offer perspectives on lifelong learning, and how to approach career advancement.

They also share the benefit of their travel planning experience, and more.

We talk about formal education …

… and explore professional development opportunities that support career success.

We discuss the significance of mentors and role models upon individuals’ careers.

Parents share the benefit of their experiences in returning to work after starting or growing their families …

… and we celebrate career accomplishments of which people are proud.

We assess social media’s impact upon, and place in our careers…

… and speak frankly about capacity and desire to say “no”.

We look at peer and professional recognition afforded admin. professionals …

… and provide realistic observations on career challenges.

On the flip side, we celebrate those aspects of their careers that individuals most enjoy.

We occasionally speak with admin. professionals’ principals, to hear from both the assistant and the executive on how to achieve strong working partnerships.

We examine inspirational books and resources …

… and pay attention to career goals.

For administrators relatively new to the role, you’ll want to tap into tips these seasoned pros wish they’d known early on in their careers.You can dip into these interviews over and over again, for valuable insight on working with executives.

We also explore the relevance of peer networks and professional associations, and the tremendous impacts they have on current roles – and future opportunities.

Equally important, with the emphasis on real careers, these admin. professionals also share a bit of their lives outside the office, and how they enjoy their well earned down time.

Ready to dive in, and tap into all this expertise? Check the drop-down menus under Real Careers, and explore what admin. professionals in your country and around the globe have to say.




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