Buongiorno! – Professional Development, Italian Style

While this Monday is a public holiday (Victoria Day) in Canada, more than a few Italian admin. professionals will be spending the day celebrating their country’s Secretary Day in Milan. Here’s a look at last year’s crowd.

Secretary Day_la formazione 2015

It’s little wonder that Italy’s Secretary Day and Assistant of the Year conference held in Milano is a sold-out event. The day includes focus on both hard and soft skills, and respected speakers. Last year’s programme included Lucy Brazier among other panelists, and the 2016 conference will feature Olimpia Ponno, who will speak to the theme, Social Reputation of the Manager Assistant and the Impact on the Company.

Participants will have access to technical training and case studies, all in the context of building and caring for their digital/social media reputations. The day will conclude with selection of Italy’s Assistant of the Year.

The annual conference is now in its eighth year, and is the inspired work of sisters Jessica (below, left) and Vania (below, right) Alessi. 

The Alessis are the co-founders of SECRETARY.IT, which serves as a professional development resource for more than 8,600 of Italy’s admin. professionals, often referred to as Management Assistants. They also provide recruitment services to employers. 

Here’s to a great day for Real Careers alum Michela Luoni and Carla Stefanut on Italy’s Secretary Day, and to all their counterparts attending the conference!

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