Weekend Poll Results: What You Value About Your Country

With thanks to all who participated, here are the results of this past weekend’s poll. The focus?

What do you admire about your country?

The results (with a number of items mentioned more than once)

(The) arts … A Yorkshire cup of tea! … All the Olympic champions who have done the country proud! … Clean / It’s clean! … Climate … Democracy … Discipline … Diversity … Down to earth people … Food … Football … Freedom of speech … Generous … Health care … Helpful … Its history … Human rights … Liberal society … Music … National parks … Natural environment / our beautiful countryside and scenery …  Our willingness to help others … People … Punctuality … Rich … Road trip options … Sarcastic humour … Stunning landscape … Tea and biscuits … The amazing number of dialects, and people of all backgrounds and beliefs … The fact that fish and chips on a Friday is standard!

I intentionally didn’t ask people to name the countries with these qualities … how many of them could you attribute to yours?

Readers also offered thoughts on what they admire about countries other than their own.

  • Cuba: the architecture and music
  • Israel: desert food, history, landscape, religion
  • Italy: food, style
  • Japan: education-oriented, family values, history, Okinawa, work ethic
  • Portugal: architecture, friendly people, scenery

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