Weekend Poll: Do You Travel Light for Conferences, Or Tip the Scales?

I’ve been enjoying the tweets flying onto my screen from England, Norway and elsewhere the past couple of days, as admin. professionals from a couple of dozen countries converge on London, England this week for Executive Secretary LIVE. 

Lucy Brazier and her outstanding team host this two-day conference (and also take it on the road, with offerings in Auckland, Dubai and Johannesburg) and bring in high caliber, internationally recognised speakers and trainers to offer both soft and hard skill training to support professional success. This event is also, of course, a great networking opportunity and one that enhances professional pride.

While the majority of tweets express enthusiasm and anticipation for the learning to be had, and contacts renewed, a few of them particularly resonated. The topic? Packing! Or, rather, what to pack, how much is too much, and – from one of my readers – the ever pragmatic approach that one can always go shopping in between sessions if they need anything more.

These tweets resonated because I returned just a couple of weeks ago from San Francisco, where I attended a conference. At the airport, it was a struggle not to laugh when the Customs Officer asked why my luggage was so heavy when I’d stated that I was travelling for business. Clearly, she was not a clothes horse. Wasn’t it obvious? I needed a couple of suits, some blouses, a spare skirt or two, and then casual wear … and, oh, yes, that luggage looks lovely but weighs 13 pounds! I really should acquire a lighter suitcase. I’ve written an article about networking at conferences, but not yet had I considered one focused on packing. 

When you travel, are you a minimalist who sticks with carry-on luggage or do you wind up bringing half your closet? That leads us to the focus of this weekend’s poll:

Packing for Conferences: Do You Travel Light, or Tip the Scales?

Luggage Carousel Copyright Shealgh DonnellyPlease take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below, and I’ll publish results next Tuesday.

If you’re reading this from a conference, it’s a timely opoprtunity to share word of this latest Weekend Poll with people you meet. 

“Select” whichever responses apply, and remember to CLICK on the golden “VOTE” ICON AFTER EACH QUESTION.

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