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Daily Archives: 2019/06/26

Weekend Poll: Are you cybersecurity savvy?

In just over three weeks, I’ll once again present on cybersecurity awareness for assistants – this time, at IAAP Summit 2019 in National Harbor, Maryland. For the third consecutive year, I’m asking readers how you feel about your own cybersecurity awareness.

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A thought for your day, featuring photography from my travels. This shot: the wisteria-draped entrance to Pembroke Lodge, a storied and historical property in Richmond Park. Originating from a one-room building in the 1700s, this property went on to house officers (including David Niven) of the Phantom Squad, GCHQ Liaison Regiment, during WWII. The day I visited, the restaurant and patio were bustling, and a wedding reception was underway in another section of the lodge.

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